Vittoria junior – international school

Vittoria Junior // Torino

2017 - 2019




Base engineering
Arch. S. Donetti
Arch. A. Fenoglio
Ing. L. Sabbadini

Vittoria International School

The project in question proposes an internal restructuring and of the external parts of the Madre Cabrini institute, a building with a strong historical and artistic value in Turin. From September 2018 it will host the new and innovative “junior” section of the Vittoria International School.

Of the building, the structural parts will remain almost unchanged, even if the main entrance will be moved from the current Via Artisti to Corso San Maurizio. The interior spaces will be redistributed to obtain three kindergarten classes, five elementary and three medium classes. Some classrooms will be used respectively at the LAIB STEM and the creativity room.

The conservation and restoration of the first floor of the buildings located in via Giolitti 33 and via delle Rosine 14 in Turin, consist of internal modifications for the adaptation of premises for school use.

The building where the school was expanded is bound to be of historical and artistic interest; To this end, the intervention has preserved the building in its original, or historical, typological, structural, formal and ornamental characterization.

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