Padiglione UAEU Dubai, Expo 2020

UAEU Pavilion at EXPO 2020, University of the Future


The Pavilion of the University of the Future of the UAEU has been designed for EXPO 2020.

The experience at the Pavilion is like a personal and transformative journey in which the visitor to the UAEU Pavilion becomes a pathfinder, while interacting with different kind of exhibits.

Our story takes the visitor on a journey, from the depths of the ocean in the coastline, through the blurriness of a sandstorm, the illusion of the mirage, the resourcefulness of an oasis and into the clarity of a starry night that evolves into a new day.

The experience reflects the passing of time, bringing to life the variety of shades, colors and sensations of a day spent in the desert.


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