Impianto mini idroelettrico torrente Cicana, comune di San Colombano Certenoli (GE)

Impianto Idroelettrico torrente Cicana // San Colombano Certenoli (GE)

2015 - in corso

impianto idroelettrico torrente Cicana (GE)
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    San Colombano Certenoli (GE), Italia

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    New construction

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    Base engineering
    Energia 011
    arch. A. Vanni

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    Remna srl Milano

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 The project involves the construction of a hydroelectric power plant along the course of the Cicana Torrent in the Municipality of San Colombano Certenoli (GE). 

A crossbred trap is built, a sedimentation tank and a loading tank, and the laying of the forced duct which has the task of conveying part of the water to the central building. The turbine and the electrical panels will be housed in the latter.

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