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ComoNext meets Novara | Base engineering srl

ComoNext meets Novara

Allestimento per ComoNext meets Novara presso l'ex Area DeAgostini



Exhibition design

Base engineering



ComoNExT meets Novara is the first step of a project to replicate the ComoNExT model on the national and international territory, involving local economic actors and investors.

The Novara Innovation Hub will be created in the former De Agostini Area, thanks to a partnership with Ream SGR and the gradual involvement of other private, institutional and no profit.

The first concrete step in this direction was the opening in the former De Agostini office building of a space to promote the initiative and a conference room, where Como Next will illustrate to local companies the Innovation Hub project and the opportunities offered to those to those who choose to settle within the structure.

The entire De Agostini Area redevelopment project is being overseen by Base, in collaboration with Camerana&Partners for the development of the master plan.

Base has designed the ComoNExT spaces in the former office building: an information point on the ground floor and a conference room on the third floor. The project gave new life to buildings that had been closed for years, which have once again become workplaces and spaces for the promotion of the future building project with all stakeholders.

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