Base engineering is a multidisciplinary design studio specialising in complex real estate operations.
It is made up of a group of professionals with heterogeneous backgrounds, and combines the traditional specialisations of architecture and engineering with economic and financial, marketing and design skills.
The special feature of Base is that it offers its clients design services in the broadest sense of the term, dealing with all the phases of the real estate process, from research to economic assessment, from feasibility studies to executive design, up to works supervision and
project management, and assessments aimed at valorisation operations.
The experience gained by Base in twenty years of activity allows it to deal with real estate operations as diverse as ever in size and content. A distinctive feature of Base’s work is its ability to tackle the theme of reusing buildings and areas by designing the content before the container, which will then be modelled with architectural and engineering solutions that represent the best combination of the needs of owners, users and investors.
Alongside its professional activity alongside its clients, Base cultivates research in the fields of innovation,
exploring new trends and international best practices to bring new life into the company and its projects.
Founded in Turin in 2002 by the architect Pier Massimo Cinquetti, Base has worked throughout its history in national and international contexts and today has its headquarters in Turin and offices in Milan, Lugano and China.
Over the years the company has participated in international competitions and projects in Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Oman, China and United Arab Emirates.